The Babies

Their first sprog has a name

The BabiesOf all the parallel projects recently coming from the Vivian Girls camp, The Babies was the first we received news of. The band came about when Woods member Kevin Morby moved in with Cassie Grzymkowski (alias Cassie Ramone) in early 2008. The first few concerts were perhaps a bit premature –always in Brooklyn– and could have give the impression that the project wouldn’t go beyond being a bit of playtime between friends, but it turns out it isn’t like that at all. After singles like “All Things Come To Pass” (Wil World, 2010) and “Meet Me In The City” (Make A Mess, 2010), Ramone announced last summer that the affair was a serious one and that there would be an album soon.

While Cassie is putting the finishing touch to her first solo record (about which little is known so far, apart from the fact that it will contain heterogenic songs that for aesthetic reasons didn’t fit on any of the Vivian Girls albums), The Babies have revealed the release date of their debut long player. The album, recorded with the help of Jarvis Taveniere (Woods) at Morby’s home, will be out on 15th February via Shrimper Records. According to the press release, “The Babies” will be full of “roughed-up jewels cut from the same cloth as Hazlewood and Sinatra, the Velvet Underground and Nico, Pisces and Linda Bruner, and other dream marriages.” And that’s not all. The band record their second album this very winter, in Los Angeles. So it’s safe to say that The Babies will be around for a while.

The Babies – s/t 01. Run Me Over02. Sunset03. All Things Come To Pass04. Voice Like Thunder05. Meet Me In The City06. Personality07. Breakin’ The Law08. Sick Kid09. Wild 110. Wild 211. Caroline The Babies - Run Me Down

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