The Avalanches

Finishing a new album?

The AvalanchesYou only need to peruse the archives of this magazine to notice that there’s been talk of a second album from The Avalanches’ for the last five years. Now, two years since they last dangled the carrot, it seems that “album 2” from the makers of Since I Left You (Modular, 2000/XL, 2001), could be nearly finished. At least, that’s what they’re saying over at the Avalanches forum. According to Pitchfork, one of the moderators of the forum said two days ago, “ I hear Ariel Pink is recording some guest vocals for it and once those are done, the album will be finished (!)" There you have it - the wizard of recycled vintage who produces eccentric lo-fi and psychedelic pop features on the “second coming” by the sampling family. A record, still without an official title, which will be coming out in October according to some release schedules flying around on the net. We’re awaiting confirmation.

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