Terror Danjah

National Grid

Terror DanjahAfter his recent maxi-singles for Hyperdub (“ Acid/ProPlus”) and Butterz (“ Bipolar EP”), grime doctor Terror Danjah returns with another production for Planet Mu, who released the underground hero’s “ Gremlinz (The Instrumentals 2003-2009)” (Planet Mu, 2009) that seemed to mark the beginning of a splendorous relation with the media. The double EP will be called “ Power Grid” where the eight tracks included will incorporate influences of R&B, dubstep, 2step and breakbeat rave alongside his already experimental and adventurous grime style. “Power Grid EP” will be in the shops from 12th July. You can listen to the previews here. Terror Danjah – “Power Grid”

01. Space Travelled 02. Menace 03. Pulse 04. Twisted 05. Power Grid 06. Upton Lane 07. Horror Story 08. Ride 4 Me

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