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TennisPatrick Riley and Alaina Moore are a lucky couple. As newly weds, these Denver-born musicians decided to spend an 8-month-long honeymoon on a little boat, pleasantly sailing the Atlantic Ocean. When the sea was calm, they’d kill time writing lo-fi pop songs from five decades ago, full of nostalgic humour, for their band Tennis . Two of those songs, “ South Carolina” and “Sea Farer”, were released in July through Fire Talk. The rest of their material reached the ears of the Fat Possum bosses (a label which is undergoing quite a regeneration process), who didn’t hesitate to offer the couple a contract that will produce a first release early next year, on 18th January to be precise. Tennis’ debut album is called “Cape Dory” and comes with the incredible cover you’ll find below these lines. Tennis - “Cape Dory”01. Take Me Somewhere 02. Long Boast Pass 03. Cape Dory 04. Marathon 05. Bimini Bay 06. South Carolina 07. Pigeon 08. Seafarer 09. Baltimore 10. Water Birds


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