Teengirl Fantasy

Echoes of dawn

Teengirl FantasyIt’s not even five days ago since we were warned about the debut of Glasser, and here the people of True Panther Sound are again giving us more reasons to talk about them. This time our attention is drawn to Teengirl Fantasy, an Amsterdam-based duo who, after a handful of remixes for Telepathe, The Chap, Memoryhouse and These Are Powers and a couple of their own singles (the first on Dick Move, the second on Merok), now find themselves on the verge of delivering their first album. Nick Weiss and Logan Takahashi say that everything started for them when, based on their shared love of house and classic techno, one good day they decided to “make a sort of dance music not based on emulating the stuff we were listening to.” This declaration of intent is still valid, although on their first longplayer the songs sound more polished, clean and structured than on their previous efforts, in which the experimental factor -improvisation or jamming as a way of composing and performing live, their renunciation of sequencers or computers, and a clear tendency towards the unconventional- was more present. “7 AM” is an album that, starting with its title, tries to evoke “a kind of state of confusion, dream-like, of restless sleep, of being half-awake and half-asleep which you experience in the morning when you have been partying all night long.” It will be released on 14th September via True Panther in the U.S.A. and Merok in Europe.

Teengirl Fantasy - “7AM”01. Vibes02. In an Area 03. In the Rain 04. Make the Move 05. Floor to Floor 06. Forever the Feeling 07. Dancing in Slow Motion [ft. Shannon Funchess] 08. Koi Pond 09. Cheaters

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