Teen Daze

A Summer night?s dream

Teen Daze Teen Daze could be accused of opportunism, were it not for his explication of his motives (given without being prompted). After surfacing with a mini album –“Four More Years” (Wonder Beard/Arcade Sound, 2010)– full of synthetic pop with obvious chill-wave tendencies, the Canadian now gives us “Beach Dream”, a four-track EP that is much less electronic and much more based on percussion and guitars, testament to his “fan-like” feelings. In his own words: I really came to fall in love with the whole lo-fi pop scene this summer, and I wanted to see what I could come up with. I know it’s starting to get cold, and that carefree love songs about beach life may seem out of context, but I hope that you guys can look back on your past summer, and let these songs remind you of some of the good experiences you had! The EP has been available since last Tuesday on Teen Daze’s Bandcamp page. Now it’s up to you if you want to pay for the download: from 0 to infinity, anything goes.

Teen Daze - “Beach Dream”01. Let's Fall Asleep Together 02. Water 03. Cliff Jump Love Song 04. Beach Dreams

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