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TanlinesAfter the debut album by Restless People (with members Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm), it’s now the turn of Tanlines, the best students of the school of discofied, tropical synth pop. Their meagre discography (a couple of 12” and one 7” in two years, released on Young Turks and True Panther Sounds) will soon have a new reference. We’re saying it’s a long player and not a “debut album”, because the record is a mixed release, a sort of compilation gathering two CDs previously released tracks (for example “Bejan”, featured on the 7th volume of the “Kitsuné Maison” series, or “New Flowers” and “Power Everything”, both taken from their first EP for Young Turks), and remixes (Memory Tapes’ remix of “Real Life” and Capracara’s remix of “Bees”), plus new tracks. The collection, rightly entitled “Volume On”, will hit stores on 9th December.

Tanlines - “Volume One”

Disc 1: 01. Reinfo 02. Real Life 03. Three Trees 04. Policy of Trust 05. Bees 06. Z (Feat. Glasser) 07. S.A.W. 08. Bejan 09. New Flowers 10. Power Everything

Disc 2: 01. O Seizing the Day O (feat. Luke Jenner) 02. Three Trees (Austin Fisher Remix) 03. Real Life (acoustic version) 04. Real Life (Memory Tapes Remix) 05. Real Life (Basic Needs Remix) 06. Bees (Capracara Remix) 07. Iced Coffee (Club Mix) 08. Z (Weird Workout Mix)

Tanlines - Real Life (Memory Tapes Remix)

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