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After a myriad of singles and EPs scattered through labels like M'Ladies, Troubleman Unlimited and True Panther Sounds, New York chanteuse Tamaryn is ready to unleash her first long player. A collaboration between Tamaryn and producer Rex John Shelverton (member of The Audience and Portraits of Past), the album, titled “The Waves”, leaves behind the dark shades of her first recordings (think of Siouxie Sioux leading onto the rawest My Bloody Valentine) by creating more luminous and expansive atmospheres of shoegaze heritage, and with the sweet hypnosis of dream pop. The album will be released via Mexican Summer around 14th September. Tamaryn - “Waves”

Side A 01. The Waves 02. Choirs of Winter 03. Love Fade 04. Haze Interior

Side B05. Sandstone 06. Coral Flower 07. Dawning 08. Cascades 09. Mild Confusion

Tamaryn . Sandstone.mp3


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