Talib Kweli

New ?independent? album

Talib Kweli Talib Kweli seems to have taken full advantage of his summer months. Still fresh in our memories is his latest release as Reflection Eternal ( “Revolutions Per Minute”, Warner Bros, 2010), the new result from his partnership with Hi-Tek, but the Brooklyn-based emcee has been saying lately that his new album might be released sooner than you’d expected, to use his own words. So far we know the album is called “Gutter Rainbows” (a title inspired by J.D. Salinger’s most famous book, that story of initiation to the secrets of the world that goes by the name of “Catcher in the Rye”) and that Hi-Tek, Ski Beatz and E Jones are some of the artists who have signed their names to the beats. Even more interesting is the fact that the album will be released independently, self-financed by a Kweli who confesses to being excited by the flexibility afforded by not depending on a record label. More details soon.

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