Takumi Uesaka / Peter Broderick

Sharing seven calm moments

Peter Broderick Peter Broderick displays, once again, his enviable skills. With his “How They Are” (Bella Union/Coop Spain, 2010) still fresh on the shelves of record stores, and “Music For Contemporary Dance” (Erased Tapes, 2010) recently released, news has now reached us via Darla about “Glimmer”, of a mini-album Broderick shares with Japanese Takumi Uesaka. Their starting point in common was songwriting for a quiet midnight, and based on that premise, Broderick and Uesaka have pulled off seven fragile, serene and unhurried songs (Broderick’s were recorded at Berlin’s Grünewaldkirche, a church with privilege acoustics), included on a split the Japanese label Cote Labo will release on 10th December.

Takumi Uesaka / Peter Broderick - “Glimmer”

Takumi Uesaka: 01. Cosmonaut 02. Glide 03. Light (moon river)

Peter Broderick: 04. Goodnight 05. Low light 06. It's a storm when i sleep 07. Eyes closed and traveling

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