Highway to heaven

SwansThanks to the good and fast response of many fans -remember how the recording of their new album has been in great part possible because of the revenue from the sales of I Am Not Insane? - the regrouped Swans has already born fruit. The comeback album will be released on 21st September, via Young God Records. Eight songs will be included on “My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky”, an album recorded with Jason LeFarge in the Seizure’s Palace studios in Brooklyn. The band say it’s the result of a “deliberate shift towards sonic intensity, relentless, maniacal rhythms and alternately abrasive and soaring waves of electric guitar.” Devendra Banhart (dueting with Michael Gira’s six-year old daughter Saoirseon “You Fucking People Make Me Sick”), Grasshopper ( Mercury Rev) and Bill Rieflin (Swans’ drummer in a previous incarnation of the band) are among the people invited on the album which, according to Gira, has nothing to do with any kind of nostalgia.

Swans - “My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky”01. No Words/No Thoughts 02. Reeling the Liars In 03. Jim 04. My Birth 05. You Fucking People Make Me Sick 06. Inside Madeline 07. Eden Prison 08. Little Mouth

Swans - "Eden Prison"


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