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Two sides of the coin

Svarte Greiner / Le CorbeauNorwegian Erik K. Skodvin, the brain behind the exquisite Miasmah label, is having a busy Autumn. Back in August we told you Skodvin, known mainly for his gloomy ambient-drone à la Svarte Greiner, has just signed his name to ten neo-classic-style tracks -more pleasant, tempered and moderately obscure- that will see the light of day on Berlin’s Sonic Pieces label. The album, entitled “Flare”, was scheduled for release in late October, but a manufacturing mistake has postponed it till mid-November, which coincides with the release of two new references by Svarte Greiner.

The first of those new albums by Greiner is a very special one. “Untitled” is so exclusive there’s only one physical copy (and it’s not for sale), a 12” acetate LP in a handmade Sonic Pieces style LP book cover. It will be given as a prize to one of Experimedia’s supporters, a label and mailorder specializing in minority music: ambient, noise, electronica, new psychedelia, modern classic composition, weird folk and sound art.

Another, more accessible reference by Svarte Grenier is an album shared with Le Corbeau, a project led by Øystein Sandsdalen, the guitarist of Serena-Maneesh. The split will be released on Fysisk Format (the editorial arm of Tiger, a prestigious record store located in Oslo) on 29th November, including three light ambient tracks and six jazzy instrumental rock tracks with film noir overtones by Le Corbeau.

Svarte Greiner / Le Corbeau - SplitSide A: Svarte Greiner 01. Drunk 02. Road 03. TreeSide B: Le Corbeau 01. Sequence 02. Apparition 03. Frozen Leaf Melody 04. Night Stroll Reprise 05. She's a Mystery to Me 06. Ticket's Got No Name

Svarte Greiner - “Road”

LeCorbeau - “Sequence”

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