Ruminating on Bach

SutekhEight long years after “Fell” (Orthlorng Musork, 2002) and “Incest” (Forc Inc., 2002), the sequel in the form of a "live album", Californian Seth Joshua Horvitz once again embodies Sutekh, his alias for his work in experimental techno, with a new LP which has emerged as a direct result of a commissioned work. In February 2009, Sutekh was invited to perform at the historic Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris as part of an event called “Bach To The Moon”. At the event, Horvitz (the only electronic musician invited to an event focused on classical music) played a set inspired by the music of Bach. His goal was to put Bach in a purely electronic context, and it was so well received that Sutekh was encouraged to continue working on and developing that first material until he gave shape to his fourth official album, "On Bach."

According to his label, instead of resigning himself to electronic remixes and reinterpretations of recognizable pieces by the classical composer, Sutekh decided to approach Bach's work from a more symbiotic view, converting the choral works of the German composer to MIDI files which he later manipulated together with pipe organ recordings, playing with noises and evocative arpeggios in the Baroque style until he had brought Bach’s music closer to the dissonant terrain of Ligeti or to the world of concrète electronica of Parmegiani. The album, which you can stream here, will be officially released on September 20 by Creaked Records.

Sutekh - “On Bach”01. Let There Be Night02. Bitter Tails03. The Lips of the Foolish Way04. Repulsion by Slit and Roundabout05. The Glorious Day has Dawned06. It is Certainly Time07. All Men Must Die (For Glenn Gould)08. The Puzzles of Babylon09. The Last Hour

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