Sun Kil Moon

Unfulfilled promises

Sun Kil MoonAfter “Lost Verses Live”, a live album released under his own artist name, Mark Kozelek returns with the Sun Kil Moon alias to offer us a collection of self-penned tracks (a third one, because “ Tiny Cities” (Caldo Verde, 2005) was really a selection of Modest Mouse cover versions). The new cuts have acoustic timbres in abundance (vocals and nylon string guitars) with a certain romantic and nocturnal mood, painful in a serene way, something that has accompanied Kozelek since Red House Painters. The album will be titled “Admiral Fell Promises” and it will be available from 13th July, also on Caldo Verde. The vinyl version will include two extra tracks recorded live in St. Malo, France, which won’t be available on the CD format. As an incentive, if you buy “Admiral Fell Promises” through the Caldo Verde online shop,you’ll get as a freebie “I'll Be There”, an EP that contains a brand new original track and three versions of songs by Stereolab, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone and The Jackson 5.

Two of the tracks from “Admiral Fell Promises”, the one that lends the title to the album and “ Australian Winter”, both are intimate and naked acoustic postcards, can be streamed at Caldo Verde’s site. Sun Kil Moon - “Admiral Fell Promises”01. Ålesund 02. Half Moon Bay 03. Sam Wong Hotel 04. Third and Seneca 05. You Are My Sun 06. Admiral Fell Promises 07. The Leaning Tree 08. Australian Winter 09. Church of the Pines 10. Bay of Skulls

Sun Kil Moon - “I'll Be There EP”01. Third And Senece (alt version) 02. Tomorrow Is Already Here 03. Natural Light 04. I'll Be There

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