Summer Camp

Debut album in October

Summer Camp – “Welcome To Condale” We started following Summer Camp this time last year, after hearing the delicious “Young EP”. The sound of the London duo - formed by Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey - gained presence with the release of the single “I Want You”. It was produced by Pulp's Steve Mackey, who opted for a danceable sound. Finally, there’s some news about the couple's debut album - “Welcome to Condale”. It will be released on 31st October, on their own label Apricot Recording Company, with the support of Moshi Moshi. The record will hold twelve tracks, of which we've already heard three. “Ghost Train” will be the only track taken from the first EP. The other two songs are the aforementioned “I Want You” and the eighties-like “Better Off Without You” - the first single off of the album. Word has it the LP is mainly inspired by teen movies from the eighties. So it will have a cinematic vibe, presenting us with a series of unadjusted youths and dance-floor queens, lonely wolfs in love, all of them with a broken heart. Summer Camp have worked with Steve Mackey again for the production of the album. Mesmerising synths, steamy dream-pop, dangerously obsessive lyrics, melancholy, addictive choruses and many other ingredients will form a collection of vibrant and colourful tracks. Incidentally, you're still in time to lend a helping hand with the financing of the recording, by following this link. Depending on your contribution, you can obtain a signed copy of the album and even some chocolate brownies made by Elizabeth herself.

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