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The age of possibilities

Sufjan StevensFinally, after “All Delighted People EP”, now we get an album. Five years after “Illinoise” (2005), Asthmatic Kitty has announced the imminent release (on 12th October, although those who want it on vinyl will have to wait until 9th November) of a new Sufjan Stevens album. The record is called “The Age of Adz” (pronounced as “Odds”, a reference to the paintings of Royal Robertson, the author of the album artwork) and it collects eleven tracks which according to Sufjan, don’t fit within a concept this time around. The universal theme of love, the loss thereof, astrology, space –and its beings– and the apocalypse inspire this collection described by Asthmatic Kitty as a “pop song extravaganza”, strengthened by the generous use of electronics (synthesisers and rhythm boxes serve as the skeleton for the better part of the songs), abundant orchestration and the occasional flirtation with dance rhythms.

If you pre-order the record at the Asthmatic Kitty online store you will receive a code which will allow you to download it from 28th September, two weeks before it reaches the stores. Sufjan Stevens - “The Age of Adz”01. Futile Devices02. Too Much03. Age of Adz04. I Walked05. Now That I'm Older06. Get Real Get Right07. Bad Communication08. Vesuvius09. All for Myself10. I Want To Be Well11. Impossible Soul Fotografía de Denny Renshaw.

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