Stuart Murdoch

Reflections on paper

Stuart MurdochThe music of Belle and Sebastian has always boasted a strong narrative component. In the emotional world of Stuart Murdoch, books count as much as or more than records. Stuart likes to write, be it songs or short stories; whether in private notebooks, the sleeves of his records or his online diary. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that the people of Pomona Books have now decided to release a book collecting reflections and notes from Murdoch’s personal diaries. All dating from 2002 to 2006, when “Dear Catastrophe Waitress”(Rough Trade, 2003) and “The Life Pursuit” (Rough Trade, 2006) were released and the band toured those records. The book is titled “The Celestial Café”, and although it’s official release date is yet to be confirmed –there is vague talk about “early 2011”, and you can already order it on the Pomona website.

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