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Storm Queen Morgan GeistLast February, Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani confirmed they were focused on finishing a new album as Metro Area. The album, they said, could be released sometime before the end of the year (judging by the date today, we doubt it'll happen), preceded by a new solo long player by Geist about which nothing new has recently been mentioned. Maybe at Environ they were referring to Storm Queen, the new alias of Morgan Geist that, in a way, returns to his underground house roots, though he's keeping the warm analogical touch and the disco and boogie pedigree of his recent productions. The first 12” by Storm Queen, entitled “Look Right Through”, was released two days ago. Geist exposes us to the vocal talent of Damon C. Scott, a guy he discovered in the New York underground, where Scott usually sings.Besides this first maxi as Storm Queen, in the next few days a limited-edition vinyl of “Detroit” by Morgan Geist, a 12” originally released in the summer of 2008, will hit stores. Like the original release, this one features remixes by Carl Graig. Now we just have to wait for the album.

Storm Queen - “Look Right Through”A. Look Right Through (vox)B. Look Right Through (dub)

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