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Nonesuch announces “WTC 9/ 11”

Steve Reich “WTC 9/ 11”

While we’re still mourning his absence at Sónar, we have received some good news from Steve Reich: the veteran composer will release his new work on Nonesuch in September. It’s called “WTC 9/11" and - as the title implies - the work explores the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre in New York, almost ten years ago. The tragic event affected the musician deeply, as Reich and his family live just four blocks from ‘Ground Zero’. Though the artist was out of town on the fateful day, other members of his family (including his son), were at home. When the planes hit the towers, they spent 6 hours in fear before fleeing to upstate New York with the help of neighbours. “For us, 9/11 was not a media event”, says Reich. His new composition was conceived for three string quartets and was recorded by the prestigious Kronos Quartet. It also features vocal recordings from the air traffic controllers (warning about the airplanes changing their routes) and members of the New York City fire brigade on the scene - alongside Reich’s neighbour’s retrospections on the event. The album contains two other works: “Mallet Quartet”- composed in 2009 and performed by S? Percussion - and “ Dance Patterns”, Reich’s contribution to the film “ Counterphrases of Anne Terese de Keersmaeker’s Choreography” by Thierry de Mey. The CD will come with a DVD featuring S? Percussion’s interpretation of “Mallet Quartet”, furthermore the first 250 copies will be autographed by the author. The release date is set for 6th September, coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the attacks.

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