Stephen Malkmus

Substitute for “blowjob”

The sucking is over. At least on the radio. In July, Domino launched a curious competition. Stephen Malkmus had chosen “Senator” as the first single off of his new album, “Mirror Traffic”, released last Monday. In anticipation of the controversy the lyrics of the track could cause (in the chorus, Malkmus sings the words “I know what the senator wants. What the senator wants is a blowjob”) within certain parts of American society - artist and label decided to ask the public to find a substitute for the word “blowjob”, as it could get the song banned from many radio stations in his home country. Yesterday, Malkmus himself announced the winner of the competition, during his performance in the Amoeba Music store in Hollywood. The word chosen as the best alternative for “blowjob” is “corn dog”. Malkmus justified his choice saying that the legendary Minutemen, of which he's an avid fan, referred to themselves as “corn dogs” on the track “History Lesson - Part II”. Californian Wayne J, the man who proposed the term, will receive an exclusive 7” (there will only be one copy) with the new version of “Senator” on the A-side and the original on the flip. After the jump you'll find a recording of the aforementioned performance by Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks at Amoeba Music, plus the video of “No One Is (As I Are Be)”, the new single.

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