Steffan Goldmann & Finn Johanssen

Macro presents “Macrospective”

Steffan Goldmann & Finn Johanssen “Macrospective”

The German label Macro celebrates its first five years with a compilation highlighting its background and influences. It’s called “Macrospective” and it’s a double CD-mix featuring the best moments of the Macro catalogue by the label’s founding fathers, Stefan Goldmannand Finn Johanssen. Each signs the mix of one of the CDs. The curious thing about it is that the tracklists of both CDs are identical, so while using the same songs, the two sequence them differently and give it a very different dynamic. The idea is to offer two perspectives, one from each DJ’s viewpoint. The two mixes have been recorded using vinyl only, although in different ways: while Johannsen opted for a live feel, recording the set in one take, Goldmann presents a much more calculated set in which every mix has been crafted. The release is planned for 12th September. For now, check out the tracklist here.

Stefan Goldmann - Lunatic Fringe Original Mix

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