Space Dimension Controller

A catalogue of temporal emotions

Space Dimension ControllerIn less than a year, Belfast’s Jack Hamill, alias Space Dimension Controller , has passed from being a promising new beginner to becoming among everyone’s favourites on the international electronic music scene. The latest to be charmed by the talent for fusion of this Red Bull Music Academy student (analogical synths and tape recorders producing an inter-dimensional proposal starting from Drexciya’s sub-aquatic world to end up—via cosmic-flavoured boogie and jazz-funk—in a sky where purple dubstep meets organic house) is the reborn R&S label. Along with James Blake and Pariah, Hamill belongs to a new group of artists releasing on the Belgian label. His first release there is “Temporary Thrillz”, a six-track EP available as of 18th October. If you want a taste, listen to the fragments below the tracklist here.

Space Dimension Controller - “Temporary Thrillz”01. Mercurial Attraction 02. Kaleidoscopic Ecstasy 03. 2EZ (Autopilot's Lament) 04. Transatlantic Landing Bay 05. Temporary Thrillz 06. Simmering Emotion (Stay With Me)

Space Dimension Controller - “Temporary Thrillz EP” (sampler)

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