Soul Jazz Records presents:

Invasion Of The Mysteron Kyller Sounds

Soul Jazz Records, champions of the best musical archaeology, announces a new thematic compilation. Commissioned by Kevin Martin (Techno Animal, The Bug, King Midas Sound) and Stuart Baker (from the label’s staff), the upcoming “Invasion Of The Killer Mysteron Sounds” will feature a selection of rarities from the field between digital dancehall and electronic dub; or, as they prefer to say, a selection presented in 3D (Dancehall Digital Dub). On its tracklist, we find unreleased cuts from contemporary producers such as Harmonic 313, Roots Manuva and The Bug, and hidden gems from legendary Jamaican veterans like King Jammy, Steely & Clevie, Sly Dunbar and King Tubby amongst many others. The record will come as a limited edition double CD in luxurious packaging that includes a graphic novel by Italian comic artist Paolo Parisi. According to the press note, the comic presents a sci-fi vision of the future of digital music in a story where figures like King Tubby and King Jammy interact with entities like Alien Sound Lord Abductors in an attempt to avoid the “normalisation” and “standardisation” of their releases. Vinyl lovers, do not fear: there will also be an edition on wax in the form of two double LPs. The release date has not yet been set, but you can already check out the tracklist to the right.

South Rakkas Crew - Red Alter Riddim

Horace Ferguson - Great Stone

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