Sonic Youth

Simon Werner a Disparu

Sonic Youth Simon Werner a DisparuIn late 2009, Lee Ranaldo said that his band Sonic Youth were working on the soundtrack of a teen movie directed by a French filmmaker. Many speculated about a possible collaboration of the band with Michel Gondry, but no; a couple of days later, Ranaldo announced who the director was. In the spring of 2010 we learned that the film in question was “Simon Werner a Disparu”, directed by Fabrice Gobert, which premiered in France at the end of last September. Now, the film and its soundtrack are news again. On 1st February the film will be released on DVD, including a bonus CD with five excerpts of Sonic Youth’s soundtrack. Around the same time (25th January on digital, 15th February on CD and 1st March on vinyl), the New York band will release the soundtrack on their own SYR label, as part of a series of experimental works. After the jump you can see a trailer for the film and hear a piece of the soundtrack.

Sonic Youth - “Simon Werner a Disparu” 01. Thème de Jérémie 02. Alice et Simon 03. Les Anges au piano 04. Chez Yves (Alice et Clara) 05. Jean-Baptiste à la fenêtre 06. Thème de Laetitia 07. Escapades 08. La Cabane au Zodiac 09. Dans les bois / M. Rabier 10. Jean-Baptiste et Laetitia 11. Thème de Simon 12. Au Café 13. Thème d’Alice (*)

(*) CD bonus track/available as download with vinyl

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