Sónar 2011

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SonarRadio Sónar is in the Barcelona air right now. We’re only hours away from the start of the festival, and if you’re in the Catalan capital, you can’t escape the event’s influence. As we told you yesterday, Playground will be reporting continuously from the festival, with daily articles, photo series, tweets and streams of some of the best bits of Sónar. Plus, if you couldn’t make it to Barcelona, you can tune in to SonarRadio, Scanner FM’s channel dedicated exclusively to Sónar. It’s broadcast in Spanish, but if you can’t understand the words, there’s still the music. Starting at 4pm this afternoon (Thursday), SonarRadio will be broadcasting live from the festival site. From then on, you’ll see the SonarRadio player alongside every article on this website related to the event. Press play to hear interviews and fragments of shows, some live and some recorded, by many of the artists at the festival. SonarRadio will be broadcasting from their studio at Sónar by Day from Thursday to Saturday between noon and 10pm. So you can plan your listening sessions, we’re giving you the broadcast schedule after the jump. Furthermore, Sónar and Red Bull Music Academy have teamed up with the Boiler Room, the seminal “ustream music show” from London, for the video broadcast from the SonarDôme stage. Ten of the performances on that stage (among which are those of Illum Sphere, Teebs, The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble and kidkanevil, seasoned with footage from the backstage, interviews and other content) can be seen here . After the jump, we’ll also give you the Boiler Room schedule for Sónar. Lastly, Red Bull Music Academy are offering the streaming of one of the concerts on their stage, by Cosmin Nicolae, alias Cosmin TRG, soldier of the new techno darkness much in debt with the bass continuum. This will be Saturday 18th at 7.15pm. In our news section you’ll see an item as soon as the performance starts. Staying at home is no excuse to not enjoy Sónar this year.

Broadcast schedule SonarRadio:

THURSDAY 16th June SONARHALL 17.00 live NICOLAS JAAR (US) 19.00 live TYONDAI BRAXTON (US) 20.30 live RAIME (UK) SONARVILLAGE by Estrella Damm 12.00 Dj RAGUL (ES) 13.30 Dj HALF NELSON + VIDAL ROMERO pres GO MAG (ES) 15.00 live TORO Y MOI (US) 16.00 Dj FLOATING POINTS (UK) 17.30 live LITTLE DRAGON (SE) NINJA TUNE & BIG DADA presenta: 18.30 Dj SHUTTLE (US) 19.30 live DELS (UK) 20.15 Dj OFFSHORE (UK) 21.15 live ESKMO (US) SONARDOME/RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY 12.00 live NIÑO (ES) 13.00 live PAI MEI (ES) 14.00 live HIROAKI OBA (JP) 15.00 live AEIOU (MX) 16.00 Dj POIRIER FEAT BOOGAT (CA) 17.15 live KIDKANEVIL (UK) 18.15 live THE BRANDT BRAUER FRICK ENSEMBLE (DE) 19.15 Dj SAN SODA (BE) 20.45 Dj JULLIAN GOMES (ZA) SONARCOMPLEX 17.30 live OPEN REEL ENSEMBLE (JP) 19.30 live DAITO MANABE (JP) 21.00 live DENSELAND (DE) FRIDAY 17th June SONARHALL 17.00 live ASTRUD + COL-LECTIU BROSSA (ES) 19.00 live HAUSCHKA (DE) 20.30 live GHOSTPOET (UK) SONARVILLAGE by Estrella Damm 12.00 Dj NEURON (ES) 13.30 Dj JOAN S. LUNA (ES) 15.00 live FACTO Y LOS AMIGOS DEL NORTE (ES) 15.45 Dj AGORIA (FR) 17.15 live ATMOSPHERE (US) 18.15 Dj RAFF (CL/ES) 19.15 live FOUR TET (UK) 20.00 Dj NACHO MARCO (ES) 21.00 live DOMINIQUE YOUNG UNIQUE (US) SONARDOME/RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY 12.00 Dj CARLOS HOLLERS (ES) 13.30 live DAISUKE TANABE (JP) 14.30 live MATADOR ROCKERS (ES) 15.15 Dj STAR EYES (US) 16.30 Dj ZINC (UK) 17.30 live KATY B (UK) 18.30 live TEEBS (US) 19.30 live DISCODEINE (FR) 20.30 live B.BRAVO (US) SONARCOMPLEX 16.00 live SEWING MACHINE ORQUESTRA (CA) TRI ANGLE presenta: 17.30 live oOoOO (US) 18.30 live HOW TO DRESS WELL (US) 19.30 live HOLY OTHER (UK) 21.00 live OY (CH) SATURDAY 18th June SONARHALL 17.00 live GLOBAL COMMUNICATION (UK) N 19.00 live APPARAT BAND (DE) 20.30 live ACTRESS (UK) SONARVILLAGE by Estrella Damm 12.00 Dj NACHO BAY (ES) 13.30 Dj JUDAH (ES) 15.00 live NO SURRENDER (US) 15.45 Dj GILLES PETERSON (UK) 17.15 live YELAWOLF (US) 18.15 Dj EL TIMBE (ES) 19.15 live SHANGAAN ELECTRO (ZA) 20.00 Dj DJ SITH & DAVID M (ES) 21.00 live FILEWILE (CH) SONARDOME/RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY 12.00 Dj DEBILORITHMICOS (ES) 13.30 live 00GENESIS (US) 14.30 Dj VENICE (IT) 15.30 Dj DAVID RODIGAN (UK) 17.00 live ELECTRIC WIRE HUSTLE (US) 18.00 Dj ILLUM SPHERE (UK) 19.15 Dj COSMIN TRG (UK) 20.30 live TIGER & WOODS SONARCOMPLEX 16.30 live EVOL (ES) DISBOOT presenta: 17.30 live DOWNLINERS SEKT (ES) 19.30 live C156 (ES) 21.00 live HYPE WILLIAMS (UK)

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