Sónar 2011

The first Ego Pass is awarded

Sónar 2011 Ego Pass

The highest bid for the Ego Pass is much, much lower than the 6,099 euros paid a couple of days ago for the Sónar 2011 DJ Pass. Although obviously, the privileges that come with the two passes can’t really be compared. In a few hours you can read an interview in our Specials section with the winner of the first auction. What he won: a festival pass and the chance to deejay for 50 minutes at Sónar Barcelona by Night.

The second of the three auctions was much more modest. After ten days of bidding, the Ego Pass for Sónar Galicia has been sold for 202.50 euros. The unidentified winner will have the screens and sound system of the SonarClub stage at Sónar Galicia at his or her disposal to send a message for 20 seconds. The message, which can be anything, will be shown on 17th June, after the main concert of the night. Who will be the winner? And, most of all, what message are we going to see?

Sónar Festival is for sale - Sónar 2011 Image from Sónar on Vimeo.

Remember that the auction of the Ego Pass for Sónar Barcelona is now active. You can place your bid here.

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