Sónar 2011

OFFFMàtica:: Other Mirrors

Sónar 2011  OFFFMàtica:: Other Mirrors If you’re lucky enough to have attended the festival in the past, you’ll know that Sónar is much more than just music. For another year, the International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art honours the second part of its name with an exhibition program dedicated to new media art, which can be seen over ten days, from 9th to 19th June. Programmed in collaboration with the OFFF festival, the OFFFMàtica:: Other Mirrors exposition will show a selection of interactive works that have the portraiture as their central theme, hence the name. Structured in three differentiated blocks (interactive installations, graphic print work and online projects), OFFFMàtica:: Other Mirrors will collect examples of the work of almost thirty artists who, in spite of their different techniques and approaches, coincide in the call for reflection about two basic questions: “how does technology picture us?” and “based on which elements of our identity – image, movement, character— does it do so?” That’s how Sónar defines the theme of an exhibition in which participating artists include Joshua Davis, Aram Barthol, Daito Manabe & Motoi Ishibashi, Ignore, and online projects like Source Laboratory, Face Your Pockets, Monoface, Helvetica Face and Type Face Project. You’ll find more information on each piece here.

The block dedicated to printed work will be presented in the form of a bus tour of several Barcelona studios. According to Sónar: “Overtype is a research project headed by flan* ( focusing on the study of the expression of the stroke and combination between drawing and technology. An important part of the project is the creation of digital tools adapted and designed specifically for artists, designers, illustrators and printers, seeking new experiences and types of digital creation. Overtype Studio Tour is a means of raising the profile of this concept, and is a journey around the leading studios to create a collaborative work and present the possibilities of the project.” The Overtype Studio Tour: BCN Vol 1.0 will take us to learn about the work of Inocuo, Brosmind, Diestro, Joel Lozano, Hanako Mimiko, Luis NCT and Enric Sant, six design studios based in Barcelona and linked to the Overtype initiative.

Furthermore, the line-up of the SonarDôme stage, once again curated by Red Bull Music Academy, is complete. Added to the already announced artists are twelve new names, among which we see young North American beatsmith 00Genesis, Romanian “hitek house” producer Cosmin TRG, Spanish beatmakers Niño and Debilorithmicos, and promising Spanish hip-hop acts like Matador Rockers and Pai Mei, new signings of the Del Palo collective. You can consult the full line-up presented by Red Bull Music Academy at SonarDôme to the right of this article.

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