Sónar 2011

Tickets on sale soon

Sónar 2011Let’s be cautious, a symptom of order and good management that just so happens also saves money. Sónar Chicago closed with very good results (more than 8,000 people attended the Festival in the so called Windy City, an audience that showed great interests in the acts programmed, who all had in common a marked experimental style), and now they’re dreaming of yet another summer under Barcelona’s open sky. Though nothing is yet known about the line-up (but this being Sónar that’s not a problem), tickets for Sónar Barcelona 2011 will be on sale soon—and in very advantageous conditions. As of 14th October, tickets can be purchased on the festival’s website for 130 EUR (three days and two nights). This reduced price will be available until 15th January. So if you like saving money, you know what you have to do.

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