Sónar 2010

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Sónar 2010Are you thinking of visiting Barcelona today, Thursday 17th June? Your Sónar needs you. As you will must know by now, the Festival Internacional de Música Avanzada y Arte Multimedia de Barcelona is getting involved with the local scene and collaborating with relevant institutions in the Catalan capital as part of the Grec Festival. The first of this collaborations is tonight at 20:00. The Teatre Grec will open its doors for Japanese audio artist Ryoji Ikeda’s work. At 22:30 and 00:30, Ikeda will be offering two live shows in the theatre gardens, whilst his light sculpture “spectra” (a similar work is pictured below) will be piercing the Barcelona skyline, and will be visible from across the metropolisThe Sónar team would like you to photograph this stunning light installation from any point of the city, as many times as you desire to send them later to the following e-mail address Amongst all the photos Sónar will select the most attractive and original to create an image gallery which will publish at and on the festival’s official Facebook page. Furthermore, the festival will choose a photo winner who will receive two luxury passes for Sónar 2011. Get your entry in.


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