Sónar 2010

SonarMàtica (x 2)

Sonar 2010Physical and aural excitement, delicious bodies thrown into hedonistic dance, and intellectual hunger. Sónar is an event of multiple natures and disciplines, a festive oasis, an open refuge for the experimental vanguard. There is always space at Sónar dedicated to technology and art. This year it is doubled by mitosis to reach both festival locations. A total of two dozen works will be presented at SonarMàtica Barcelona and SonarMàtica Galicia, two related exhibitions with different content which you can visit between 17th, 18th and 19th June.

The SonarMàtica Barcelona program focuses on robotics. Under the title (Back To) The Robots, it will include creations such as Robotic Chair (a chair that gets self-dismantled and self-constructed, generated by the minds of Max Dean, Raffaello D'Andrea, Matt Donovan); Do Robotic Cats Dream Of Electric Fish? (robotic pets by France Cadet); Robotic Displays (an interactive design experiment about media repercussion of autonomic movement and communication through physical spaces); and MERTZ (a robot with the face of a child designed by Lijin Aryananda).

On the westerly side of the country, SonarMàtica Galicia will introduce the accomplishments in the field of sonic sculpture by British musician and artist Felix Thorn (Plaid collaborator), alongside the work of the Galician audio-activist collective of and some interactive prototypes designed by the Reactable Systems team (a usual presence at the festival), all of this under the epigraph of “Arte sonoro a tres bandas”. The above works have too many shades and complexities to give more details here, but you can follow the links below to get a better description of each of them at the official website of Sónar 2010 Festival. SonarMàtica Barcelona (CCCB’s First Floor)

Max Dean, Raffaello D'Andrea, Matt Donovan - Robotic Chair France Cadet - Do Robotic Cats Dream Of Electric Fish? / Gaude Mihi / Hunting Trophies Jen hui Liao - The self-portrait machine Fernando Orellana - 8520 s.w. 27th PL Julia Tsao - Robotic Displays Lijin Aryananda - MERTZ

Universitat Pompeu Fabra: SPECS - Mixed Reality Robot Arena

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya: AESS / IRI-Humanoid Lab - Competiciones

Hangar: Joan Vallvé - Violí MIDI y Metal·lòfon MIDI Ricardo Iglesias - Surveillance Cameras: they are alive!!! Anaisa Franco - Paranoia Chicks On Speed - E-Shoe SonarMàtica Galicia (Ground Floor EXPOCoruña) (Galicia): Horacio González – Sonoscopio Berio Molina – Augmented Sound

Reactable Systems (Barcelona): Sergi Jordà, Günter Geiger, Marcos Alonso & Martin Kaltenbrunner – Reactable Carles F. Julià – Song Explorer

Felix Thorn (Reino Unido) – Felix’s Machines


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