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Sonar 2010The complete Sónar Barcelona's line-up was announced two days ago, but there is still room for added extras. Sónar 2010 has opened itself even more to its rich location, collaborating with other local artistic institutions around Barcelona. We told you back in April about the media collaboration with Grec Festival. This “get together” will take the form of two installation-performances designed by Japanese audio-artist Ryoji Ikeda. On the evening of Thursday 17th June, Teatre Grec will open its doors to “spectra [barcelona]”, a light installation where a white beam takes centre stage of the theatre gardens. As well as this, Sónar have confirmed the audiovisual performance of “Constellations”, a site-specific installation being shown exclusively at the CosmoCaixa planetarium (created by Stephan Mathieu and Carolina Mikalef). The piece is inspired by the music of Antonio de Cabezón, composer known as the "Spanish Bach" and marks the 500th anniversary of his birth.

And this is not all. Sónar is extending festival activities on offer for the first time to the nearby cities of Girona and Reus. Both will celebrate the “Nits Sónar” with the performances by Guillamino (showcasing the forthcoming new album with a full band), an instrumental collaborative project by bcn216 who are currently residents at l’Auditori de Barcelona, and also appearances by the experimental musician Tristan Perich.

Due to limited capacity, entry to these special concerts is not included on the festival pass. Tickets for Girona and Reus “Nits Sónar” are available here and here, respectively. Tickets for the rest of the evening program are available through the Sónar site.


“Nits Sónar”Girona - L’Auditori, 19 JuneReus - Teatre Bartrina, 22 June

Stephan Mathieu & Carolina Mikalef - “Constellations”Planetari CosmoCaixa, 17, 18 y 19 June, 20:00.

Ryoji IkedaNit Grec-Sónar (Teatre Grec), 17 June, 20:00.

bcn216 + Cristian Vogel, Ricard Marxer & Oscar SolL'Auditori de Barcelona, 17 June, 21:00.

Cabo San Roque & Orquestra Mecànica de la França XicaL'Auditori de Barcelona, 18 June, 20:00.


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