Sónar 2010

Visual music at SonarCinema

Sónar 2010   SonarCinemaWe go to Sónar to listen, to see and to be seen. There are so many recurring sensations during three days and two evenings of frenetic activity, almost without pause to take a breath, that beyond talking about a music festival, it would be more appropriate to talk of a global assault on the senses. Stimuli for the auditory system, body and sight.

Yesterday afternoon the Sónar camp took the opportunity to confirm the rest of the program of SonarCinema, a series of activities focusing on documental projects using images to try to shed some light on different musical manifestations that have been considered ahead of their time.

With a total of 5 films at the Barcelona edition and 4 at the Coruña one, both cities will roll out Amplified Gesture and Synth Britannia .” The former comes about as complement and audiovisual extension of “ Manafon,” David Sylvian’s latest work, which delves into improvisation art, talking to some of their main characters: Evan Parker, Keith Rowe, Christian Fennesz or Otomo Yoshihide, among others, who chat with Phil Hopkins regarding ideas, methods and practices of improvised music. The second of the documentaries projected on both locations, “Synth Britannia,” focuses on the legacy and impact of post-punk and electronic music on British popular culture since the late 70s, revisiting experimental bands like Cabaret Voltaire or Throbbing Gristle, ending on the synth explosion of Ultravox, The Human League, Yazoo or Pet Shop Boys, some of their more brilliant exponents.

Completing Barcelona SonarCinema are “We Call It Skweee,” a close look at the Scandinavian scene which re-invents funk in a carefree, synthetic and acid manner, plus two medium length films - “Warp20 – And Thee Echo,” directed by Vincent Moon, alongside “Warp20 – NYC”, by Lorenzo Fonda. Both document the Warp parties that celebrated the label’s 20th anniversary. Mira Calix, Broadcast, Battles, Flying Lotus, !!! and Jamie Lidell are all featured there on and off the stage.

At Galicia's SonarCinema offering, we’ll have to add “Finisterrae” (the film that lends its image to the 2010 festival edition), and “Sónar Around The World,” directed by Josep Maria Salat and Jofre Font and produced by Televisió de Catalunya, looking back at Sónar 2006, and the international events parallel to the 06 edition in Buenos Aires, Tokyo y Seoul.

Programme as follows: SonarCinema Barcelona (CCCB Auditorium)

Synth Britannia /90’ / V.O. -Spanish subtitles Amplified Gesture /60’ / V.O. -Spanish subtitles Warp20 (London) - And Thee, Echo /30’ / V.O. sin subtítulos Warp20 (New York) - NYC /30’ / V.O. We Call It Skwee /60’ / V.O.

SonarCinema Galicia (ExpoCoruña first floor)

Synth Britannia /90’ / V.O. -Spanish subtitles Amplified Gesture /60’ / V.O. -Spanish subtitles Finisterrae /80’ / V.O. -Spanish subtitles Sónar Around The World /65’ / V.O. -Spanish subtitles

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