Sónar 2010

Finisterrae: Palito

Sónar 2010A couple of weeks ago we told you of the plot behind Finisterrae in reference to “Fishing”, but in case you haven’t been paying attention, here it goes: imagine two enigmatic spectrums fed up of transiting through a world of shadows, deciding to walk the “ Way of St. James” up to Finisterrae, that place where it was thought to be the end of the world, so once there, confronted by the questioning arisen by their phantasmagorical condition, to start a new worldly and ephemeral existence in the world of the living.

The film of unusual approach and execution (at first is was filmed according to a very general idea, without dialogues, to elaborate the script later) has now its third chapter “Palito”, where our ghostly friends plough through snow land only inhabited by stags to befriend. Our date with Sónar 2010, it’s getting closer everyday.

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