Sónar 2010

Reinforcing the local bet

Sonar 2010 Two heads, two brains sawn into the same body, sharing the same pampered blood flow that runs through Advanced Music, Sónar's engine, which grabs the opportunity to celebrate a twin event this year in Barcelona y Galicia. By opening a passage for the exchange of people, talent and ideas between two regions not that far apart, Sónar, is becoming a double oasis: the same delectable dishes, same sources of synaptic excitement, same major music parties but this time multiplied by two.

As we are accustomed to, Sónar 2010, will reflect and offer a unique opportunity to local artists- some upcoming talent, some already established- from Barcelona or the Galician region (if there is a Spanish Festival with a guaranteed global repercussion, it's Sónar). Once closed the Sónar Galicia 2010 line-up, it's now the turn of the big brother. Up to twenty new confirmed artists, most of them from the Catalan scene, have been added to the Sónar Barcelona proposal where there is room for nearly everything. Amongst the veteran names, it stands out Macromassa, authentic pioneers of the Spanish experimental form, who after 34 years of their first composition will be introducing their new record - “Armas Mosca”- together with a new show mixing free-jazz, improvisation, electronic noise and surrealism. Alongside, as new refreshments from the experimental Barcelona arena, there will be bands like Fur Voice ( David Gracia's creature of abstract electronic pop and melodramatic tones which will be supported live with illustrations by Chuso Ordi and visual artist Jose Morraja), Faraón ( José Rosselló's, 12Twelve ex-drummer, new project dedicated to the memory of Cluster, Popol Vuh or Glenn Branca guitar symphonies), Juan Matos Capote (based in Barcelona but from the Canary Islands, circuit bending artisan), Huan ( Víctor Hurtado, from Qa'a, and Ben Mahoney), and Narwhal (tribal and cosmic project of Simon Williams aka Jahbitat and Cristian Subirà from Coconot and Summer Recreation Camp), all of them performing at Sónar de Día. On a more popular territory, Sónar takes pride on counting amongst its ranks, two of Spain biggest international exports: faceless John Talabot and Delorean, both performing in Barcelona and A Coruña. More additions to the Barcelona line-up are bRUNA or Cauto, Bradien and exclusive collaborations like Carlos Casas and Phil Niblock, or Cristian Vogel, Ricard Marxer, Oscar Sol and the BCN216 orchestra at L'Auditori de Barcelona. Completing the Spanish roster are some of the best and unique DJs, some of them performing a dj session and live show hybrid: Ángel Molina, Wooky, Funkforward, Undo, Buffetlibre DJs or the Del Palo Soundsystem (duo Griffi- DJ2D2). There you have it: emotive electronica, noise and improvisation, dubstep, drone folk, obscure techno, twisted beatmaking, glo-fi pop, future funk, IDM, luminous House... Everything you can desire and more at Sónar. Get your tickets here.


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