RDJCS5 EP: ghosts in the machines

Solvent  RDJCS5 EP After years of silence, it seems like Canadian label Suction Records are rising from the ashes. In 2008, Lowfish and Solvent (the label bosses) released “Now We Are Dead"- the imprint's theoretical testament. But there’s been a change of plans. In 2010 they returned with the retrospective “Memories Are Uncertain Friends” by Lowfish; now they're back again - announcing a new EP by Jason Amm, alias Solvent. Furthermore, the release's origins are of particular interest: all the sounds shaping the five tracks on “RDJCS5-EP” came from an old mono Yamaha CS5 synth that once belonged to none other than Aphex Twin (hence, the EP title). Apparently, a friend of Solvent's got the machine in an auction and lent it to our hero, so he could work with it in the studio for a while. After months of sweat and tears, Amm has managed to shape an EP which - apart from incredibly beautiful music - has an element of horizontal electronic music’s history running through its veins: the instrument was used by RDJ for the mythical “Selected Ambient Works Vol.II” (Warp, 1994). In fact, the interior notes of that album are recorded in the body of the synthesiser. The single is slated for release on 6th September, on vinyl (limited to 300 copies) and digital.

Curtains ['R D J C S 5 A 1' - suction022] by solvent

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