Solar Bears

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Solar bearsThere are two of them, John Kowalski and Rian Trench, they are both sound engineers and come from Ireland (from Wicklow and Dublin to be precise), and the music world they share -knitted with patches of acid-folk, analogue electronica of kosmiche heritage, disco music, the less cold synth-pop from the 80s and atmospheric post-rock with progressive tendencies- has already seduced Mike Paradinas. Around 20th September, Planet Mu will release “ She Was Coloured”, the debut album by Trench and Kowalski working under the name of Solar Bears. Before that, on 9th August, you’ll be able to get hold of “ Inner Sunshine EP”, a six-track EP (two are remixes by Letherette and Lone) containing material that won’t be included on the album. Snippets and pre-orders here. Solar Bears - “She Was Coloured”01. Forest Of Fountains02. Children Of The Times03. Twin Stars04. She Was Coloured In05. Head Supernova06. Crystalline (Be Again)07. Cub08. Hidden Lake09. The Quiet Planet10. Solarization11. Division12. Primary Colours At The Back Of My Mind13. Dolls14. Neon Colony15. Perpetual Meadow

Solar Bears – Inner Sunshine Solar Bears - Twin Stars (Lone Remix)

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