Soft Metals

Synth-pop thaw

Soft Metals Soft Metals present themselves as the “electronic romance” between Ian Hicks and Patricia Hall, two friends from Portland brought together both in the studio and on a personal level by their shared love for analogue technology and the synthetic music of the late 70s and early 80s. Armed with vintage synthesisers (Pro One, Juno 60, Juno 106, JX-3P, Korg Polysix, among others) and rhythm boxes (TR-808, TR-606, x0xb0x) the couple have been writing songs together for a year that evoke the demons of minimal wave, industrial synth-core, Chicago house and Italo disco, from a dark, romantic (of the dirty, obscene kind) and experimental point of view. The Captured Tracks label –spotting something the others missed- will be releasing the duo’s first EP (five tracks, about a half hour’s worth of music) around 10th August.

The Soft Metals - “The Cold World Melts”01. Love Or Music02. The Cold World Melts03. Voices04. MeÌtaux Mous05. Another Goodbye

Soft Metals - “The Cold World Melts” Soft Metals - “Voices”

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