A second long stroke

SkreamAfter numerous maxi-singles for Bingo Beats, Disfigured Dubz, Soul Jazz, Tectonic and Keysound, Londoner Ollie Jones, aka Skream, out of the Croydon school (he still lives South with his parents and produces from his bedroom) in this age of austere dubstep has just finished his second LP for Tempa, titled “Outside the Box”. The rapper Murs, Sam Frank and also Elly Jackson from La Roux (let’s all take note of the success of the “ In For The Kill” remix by Skream on virtually every “best of” list last year) all contribute their vocals on three of the album’s tracks, while dBridge and Instra:mental, both artists who come from a drum'n'bass perspective to explore post-dubstep, co-produce “ Reflections” with Ollie. The album will be available from 26th July and very soon will be followed by a new volume of the “Skreamizm” EPs series. Skream- “Ouside the Box”

01. Perferated 02. 8 Bit Baby feat. Murs 03. CPU 04. Where You Should Be feat. Sam Frank 05. How Real feat. Freckles 06. Fields of Emotion 07. I Love The Way 08. Listenin’ To The Records On My Wall 09. Wibbler 10. Metamorphosis 11. Finally feat. La Roux 12. Reflections 13. A Song For Lenny 14. The Epic Last Song

And here is the definite version of “Listenin' To The Records On My Wall”, an astonishingly melodic first single.


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