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Sistol Sasu Ripatti

Finlander Sasu Ripatti (aka Vladislav Delay, aka Luomo, aka Uusitalo, aka Bright People) is dusting off one of his lesser known aliases. After his last work as Vladislav Delay , “Tummaa” (Leaf, 2009), an album full of jazzy statements via a collaboration with Craig Armstrong and Lucio Capece, Ripatti plans to release two new recordings as Sistol , an alter ego already introduced 11 years ago in one of his first releases.

The first of the “new” material will be available on July 27th on Halo Cyon, a Phthalo sub label, and it will be a double album where you will find the re-mastered version that first Sistol album and a second CD of remixes by Falty DL, Alva Noto, Duran Duran Duran o Yke Yard. The second release, titled “On the Bright Side”, packs a total of eight new tracks written during the past year. Sistol - “Sistol” CD1: Remastered Reissue 01. Hajotus 02. Keno 03. Hac 04. Haaska 05. Kelmi 06. Luomo 07. Kotka 08. Kojo

CD2: Remakes/Remixes01. Hac ( Alva Noto Remodel) 02. Kotka ( FaltyDL Refunk) 03. Kojo ( John Tejada Remix) 04. Keno ( Mike Huckaby S Y N T H Remix) 05. Haaska (Swelter Mix by [a]pendics.shuffle) 06. Kotka ( Sutekh Parabolai Mix) 07. Hajotus ( Duran Duran Duran DDD remix) 08. Keno ( Somatic Responses SW Mix) 09. Nuomo ( Ed Flis mix) 10. Nuomo ( Ike Yard’s Metalli Tulitta)

Sistol - “On the Bright Side”

01. (Permission to) Avalanche 02. Hospital Husband 03. On the Bright Side 04. A Better Shore 05. Fucked-Up Novelty 06. Contaminate Her 07. Glowing and so Spread 08. Funseeker

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