Silje Nes

A question of optics

Silje NesTwo and a half years after presenting herself with Ames Room (Fat Cat, 2008), Norwegian Silje Nes returns with a second album under her arm, one which promises to be more mature than that first collection of sensual, deliciously dreamy domestic postcards on which guitars, keys, all kinds of electronic devices and found sounds lived together in fragile harmony. Silje has re-recorded “Opticks” in a home-studio way. She says she personally took care of playing guitars, percussion, viola, bass, xylophone, keyboards, concertina, flute, trumpet, and “basically everything I had around me, later adding random recordings of different objects, video fragments, effect...”. Bernd Jestram, one half of Tarwater, was in charge of mixing the songs, which are more refined and accessible and don’t need any excessive melodic hooks nor experimental details. The album will be released on 13th September on Fat Cat.

Silje Nes - “Opticks” 01. The Grass Harp 02. Symmetry of Empty Space 03. Rewind 04. Silver>blue 05. The Card House 06. Levitation 07. The Shades 08. Crystals 09. Branches 10. Hello Luminance 11. Ruby Red

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