“Bad Vibes” will be out in the first week of August

Shlohmo  “Bad Vibes”

We knew that the debut album of young Henry Laufer (better known as Shlohmo was about to be released. Friends Of Friends, the label responsible for its delivery, said earlier that it would be June, but in the end it turns out “Bad Vibes” will be released on 9th August. Despite the title, Laufer says the 13 tracks (14, if you get the album on double vinyl) on the record are full of delicate sounds that should be something like the construction of a new kind of R&B. Furthermore, now that he has our attention, Shlohmo is serving us another one of his specialities, remixing the most mischievous hip-hop. This time it’s Waka Flocka, Kelis and Gucci Mane who get the treatment. The track is offered by the Wedidit collective. Get it here . Places | SHLOHMO by trybeka2

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