Shit Robot

From the cradle to the rave

Shit RobotBefore taking off on a world tour with LCD Soundsystem, James Murphy left behind a couple of jobs well done, among which is the soundtrack to Greenberg and the co-production and mix of Shit Robot’s debut album, which won’t be released until the end of summer but you can already hear it entirely, without interruptions, on the DFA website. In the wake of his string of 12” singles for Murphy’s label (three of them, “Simple Things”, “Triumph” and “I Got a Feeling”, are on the album), Marcus Lambkin has teamed up with Nancy Whang, The Juan Maclean, Alexis Taylor ( Hot Chip), Saheer Umar ( House of House), Planningtorock and Ian Svenonious ( The Nation Of Ulysses, The Make Up, Weird War and so many more) to finish a record with a distinct house taste –although there is room for neon disco and analogue electro-pop- which will be released by DFA on 21th September.

Shit Robot - “From the Cradle to the Rave”01. Tuff Enuff? (feat. The Juan Maclean) 02. I Found Love 03. Losing My Patience (feat. Alexis Taylor) 04. Take ‘Em Up (feat. Nancy Whang) 05. Grim Receiver 06. Simple Things (Work it Out) (feat. Ian Svenonious) 07. Answering Machine 08. I Got a Feeling (feat. Saheer Umar) 09. Triumph!!!

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