Closing off the circle

ShigetoWith the way paved with a couple of EP releases (the download of the second one, “What We Held On To”, is available for free here), rhythm master Zach Saginaw (aka Shigeto) is about to put out his debut album. After his semi-circle here comes his full-circle: As a synthesis, completion and improvement of the somewhat hesitant “Semi-Circle”, he’s now presenting “Full-Circle”, an album which is the result of four years of obsessive recordings and unending rhythmic exploration on the margins of instrumental hip-hop. As Shigeto himself explains, “This release represents the end of the beginning—or perhaps that there is no end and no beginning at all.” It’s easy to see there’s Japanese blood running in the veins of this Brooklyn-based American. The album will hit stores on 9th November via Ghostly.

Shigeto - “Full Circle”01. Ann Arbor Part 102. Escape From The Incubator03. Relentless Drag04. So So Lovely05. Sky Of The Revolution06. Brown Eyed Girl07. French Kiss Power Up08. Ann Arbor Part 209. Children At Midnight10. Look At All The Smiling Faces11. A Close Keeper [Digital Bonus]

Shigeto - What We Held On To


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