The Traveller

ShedAfter his recent experiments in post-garage rhythmics as The Panamax Project (we recommend his 12” on Subsolo), the adopted Berliner Rene Pawlowitz reactivates his most technoid alias and announces the follow up to his acclaimed “Shedding The Past” (Ostgut Ton, 2008). Shed’s second album will be titled “The Traveller” and will be available around 30th August via Ostgut Ton. According to the press release, the album oozes respect to early-90s techno, especially from the British scene of that era, though there is also room for breakbeat rave and dub-techno post-Basic Channel.

Shed – “The Traveller”

01. STP 202. Keep Time03. The Bot04. Atmo – Action05. 44A (Hard Wax forever!)06. …Can’t Feel It.07. Mayday08. No Way!09. HDRTM10. My R-Class11. Final Experiment12. The Traveller13. Hello Bleep!14. Leave Things


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