Shangaan Electro

Ricardo Villalobos, Mark Ernestus and Peverelist offer their vision

“Shangaan Electro. New Wave Dance Music From South Africa”

One of the most exotic dishes on offer at the upcoming Sónar Barcelona is, without a doubt, the performance of producer and vocalist Nozinja, DJ Spoko and frantic masked dancers Tshetsha Boys’ performance at the SonarVillage stage on Saturday 18th June. They are the representatives of Shangaan Electro, a cultural phenomenon born in the streets of Soweto which reinterprets the Shangaan musical traditions using electronic tools like the sampler of MIDI instruments. A good part of the popularisation of Shangaan Electro outside of South Africa is thanks to “Shangaan Electro: New Wave Dance Music From South Africa”, an acclaimed compilation album selected by Mark Ernestus (a key figure in the Basic Channel, Rhythm & Sound and Hard Wax network) and Mark Ainley, released last year by Honest Jon's. The curious album will have a follow-up soon, in the form of remixes and new EPs. On one hand, the British label is preparing the release of two 12” records featuring new work by Tsetsha Boys and Tiyiselani Vomaseve. On the other, Honest Jon will put out three 12”s with reinterpretations of Tshetsha Boys’ original material by luminaries of the international electronic scene like Mark Ernestus, Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer, Anthony “Shake” Shakir and Peverelist, among others. By following this link, you can listen to fragments of some of the tracks. The EPs are slated to arrive in July and August. Remember that Shangaan Electro will be playing on 18th June at Sónar at the SonarVillage by Estrella Damm stage at 19:15h. Get your tickets here. {youtube width="100%" height=273"}IXE6_j1N7o8{/youtube}{youtube width="100%" height=273"}GM5Kw6LVYlk{/youtube}

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