Woe To The Septic Heart!

ShackletonAt the end of 2008, new of the disappearance of London label Skull Disco (one of the most personal and iconoclastic brands to be born on the margins of the boisterous dubstep scene) caused a few tears to be shed. But it just so happens that early dismemberment has become a source of renewed agency thanks to Apple Pips (the label founded by Appleblim in Bristol after Skull Disco) and Sam Shackleton, now settled in Berlin, where he’s released some stuff on classic labels like ~scape, Perlon and Fabric (remember, his “Fabric 55” is out on 6th December). The good news is that there’ll be a new name to add to that list because Shackelton has decided to start his own record label. The 12” is entitled “Man On A String Part 1 and 2” and features two complex and percussive cuts with powerful basslines that we believe will be the beginning of a memorable saga. If you’re interested, order a copy of SEPTIC001 here or here.

Keep an eye on Shackleton, because he is also working on new material with his longtime friend and collaborator Vengeance Tenfold. This material, more spoken word-oriented, would come out soon under the alias Refugees Of The Septic Heart.

Shackleton - “Man On A String Part 1 and 2”A. Man On A String Part 1 and 2AA. Bastard Spirit

Shackleton - Hypno Angel


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