Joins Fabric?s club

ShackletonIt seems like the elusive Sam Shackleton’s recent visits to London’s Fabric had a great impression on the club’s owners, which could explain why they’ve put the upcoming volume of the Fabric series into his hands. Not a close friend of scenes, tags or classifications, he was the first to discover an exit door for dubstep in Middle-Eastern music, sprinkling with obscure dub, Anatolian percussion and faint techno lines a kind of music which has always been strange, throbbing and intense to the point of suffocation. Shackleton will fill “Fabric 55” with his own music—it is said it’ll be a live set recorded in a studio, with lots of new and unreleased material by the ex-Skull Disco man. There’s no definite release date available so far (December, perhaps) and nothing is known about the tracklist either, but according to FACT, Fabric has confirmed the album’s existence.

Shackleton - You Bring Me Down


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