Serengeti & Polyphonic

Bells & Floating World

Serengeti & PolyphonicWill Freyman (a.k.a. Polyphonic) and David Cohn (a.k.a. Serengeti) are back together again. A year after their brilliant “Terradactyl” (a bold, eccentric and certainly shocking album that went strangely unnoticed), the Anticon label has just dropped fresh details about “Bells & Floating World”, a new EP that is almost an album as it includes the remixes Why?, Jel, Bracken, Epstein and El Conjunto and Son Lux made of the some of the tracks featured on the duo’s most recent album. The album’s main attraction, however, is to be found in the new six tracks by Serengeti & Polyphonic, songs in which the existentialist art-rap—with a tendency towards brainstorming, abstraction and interior monologue—of the first album rests on the effervescent electronica base present on it’s companion. The EP will hit stores on 16th November via Anticon. Fans of atypical rap should stay alert because the signs point to the arrival of a solo album.

Serengeti & Polyphonic - Bells & Floating World”01. Get It Later 02. Guelmim 5000 03. Schoenhut 04. Polar 05. Television 06. Mega Zoo 07. My Patriotism (WHY? Remix) 08. Patience (Jel Remix) 09. Move! (Bracken Remix) 10. La La Lala (Epstein Y El Conjunto Remix) 11. Bon Voyage (Son Lux Remix) 12. Call the Law (Greetings From Tuskan Remix)

Serengeti & Polyphonic - Mega Zoo

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