SepalcureThe history of Sepalcure is an example of early maturation. Things just fell into their lap with their first EP, a surprisingly rich and emotive collection of tracks. “Love Pressure”, with a deep house backdrop traced on a dubstep template sprinkled with some Burial-style frost, sits comfortably in its own right among the best post-garage releases of the season. We’ll soon know whether Sepalcure manage to produce something as good as that EP with “Fleur”, the second reference of this side project from Travis Stewart (a.k.a. Machinedrum) and Praveen Sharma (a half of Praveen & Benoît). The EP is due out in January, although over at Hotflush they’ve decided to be prudent and wait a bit longer before confirming the release date. Sepalcure will also embark on a European tour soon - check out tour dates here.

Sepalcure - “Fleur”01. Fleur 02. Your Love 03. No Think 04. Inside


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