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SenkingThree years after the noir episode of List (Raster-Noton, 2007), German Jens Massel, better known in electronic circles as Fumble or Senking, is showing fresh signs of life. The new album under the Senking moniker will be released through Raster-Noton on September the 6th. The record is called “Pong”, and is a tribute to the classic video game. At this time it’s not clear if the sounds of Pong ( the game) will be present on the album; according to the press release, the disc will show us Senking performing “stretched dubstep rhythms” (“aware of the club but not at its service”), sub-bass capable of twisting your stomach, echoes and pieces of melodies and atmospheres evoking the soundtracks of Angelo Badalamenti for David Lynch’s films. Apart from the strictly musical content, the album will include an additional data archive containing a “3D interpretation” of Pong created by the visual artist collective and software designers Almost Sync.

Senking - “Pong” 01. Unlighted 02. Luma 03. Paintbug In My Eye 04. Death By Drowning 05. Low Flow 06. Breathing Trouble 07. Mimi 08. V8 09. Skidozer 301

Senking - “Skidozer 301”


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